Python is Cool (and Perl is not), Especially for C/C++ Programmers

Python is a cool scripting language. Perl is useful but painful. For almost any task, Python is a better choice for many reasons, especially for C/C++ programmers who are unfamiliar with both Perl and Python. Really, Python is a better choice even for C/C++ programmers who also know Perl.


Prescience of Donald Knuth

From "Structured Programming with go to Statements", written in 1974 (appeard in Computing Surveys, Vo. 6, No. 4, December 1974).

The Future
It seems clear that languages somewhat different from those in existence today would enhance the preparation of structured programs. We will perhaps eventually be writing only small modules which are identified by name as they are used to build larger ones, so that devices like indentation, rather than delimiters, might become feasible for expressing local structure in the source language.

Interesting Links

"Perl? Ha, ha, ha. Try Python" O'Reilly ad.

Infamous O'Reilly banner ad that irked Perlites.

Bruce Eckel talks about Python

When you have the experience of really being able to be as productive as possible, then you start to get pissed off at other languages. You think, "Gee, I've been wasting my time with these other languages."

Why Hate Perl

"Consider this: how could one think ContextSensitivity a big win unless one also though that it's better for the programmer to keep a bunch of state about the program in your head, including a rules about the interpreter's default behaviour, than to type a few $_s. Do you think this way? Then Perl is for you. Want to devote most of your mental effort to your problem, rather then your technology? Then Perl is not for you."

Why I Promote Python

"When you read code that seems to be operating magically on information that you have not provided, what documentation do you consult to understand it?"

What's wrong with Perl

"Now, ask yourself: do you really think you should have to go through all this in order to put one list inside another?"

Eric Raymond's "Why Python?"

"Oddly enough, Python's use of whitespace stopped feeling unnatural after about twenty minutes."

Bruce Eckel's unfinished "Python 3 Patterns Recipes and Idioms"

Forthcoming book from the great Bruce Eckel.

Perl Warning Signs

Full color signs you can hang in your workplace, warning of the dangers of using Perl on the job.

Image Depicting the Origin of Perl

Amusing. Not appropriate for children.

C++ Interview Resource

Just in case you are needing some C++ refreshers.